• Our why

      Enkel U is an idea that came out of the enkel collective. With a mission to create a new generation of changemakers, starting a school was something that had been on everybody’s mind from the start. Manna Stone took on the project and worked on it with various members of the collective. When it was time to bring this dream into the next stage, Adam Jorlen (who originally came up with the plan) and Zarina Paroubally (who participated in the Changemaking 101 course) joined to bring it into reality.


      In order to start enkel U, we ourselves have gone through the process that we are going to facilitate for you. This is part of our ‘practice what you preach’ philosophy. Or maybe more a ‘preach what you practice’, because it is the models, skills, processes and practices that we've seen working in real life that have become part of the curriculum that we’ve developed especially for you.


    • Values

      Read the full article that Adam wrote on how our four values are linked here.

      • Community
      • Conscience
      • Creativity
      • Courage
    • Seven key principles

      • Belonging

      Being amongst people who understand you and share the same values as you is very powerful. We aim for enkel U to be a big international family of changemakers. A family that will help and support each other and as a team will create beautiful change in the world.

      •  Creating together

      At enkel U you're not just a student or teacher, you are a co-creator of enkel U itself. You have a say in the way the school is running and will help develop the best learning environment for future changemakers. The same goes for tackling the problems of today and tomorrow....if you find a shared vision, mission and values and then join together all of your unique talents, we believe anything is possible!

      • Being authentic

      Growing up we develop masks in which we conform to who we think the world wants us to be. At enkel U we want to get to know the real you. We want to see you come alive, stronger then before. Because only then will you be able to maximize your potential and share your gifts with the world.

      • Purpose-driven action

      We believe that our actions should be guided by our values and purpose. We want to be clear about 'why' we do what we do and help you uncover your 'why'. This will enable us to focus our actions and make them stronger then ever.

      • Courageous disruption

      In an educational system that was made to fit in with the industrial revolution, enkel U aims to courageously disrupt the way education has been done. We want to show a new and more relevant form of education for the future. This is what we call: disruption with a heart. Not fighting the old, but creating a paradigm in which it is ok to care.

      • Trust emergence

      We trust the process and remain open and receptive to different routes. We keep our eyes on our dreams, visions and values, and see that there are multiple ways to create them. This gives us the opportunity to stay adaptable to new situations and work together while being open to each others input.

      • Life-long learning

      At enkel U everyone keeps ownership over their own learning process. We will encourage you to be driven by your own curiosity. Because we believe that learning is not something we just do in school, but part of being human.

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