• Let's create a new generation of changemakers

    The world needs more people who aren't afraid to care and believe that together we can make a positive difference in the world. That is why we started enkel U. We've created a space in which you can learn to tackle the problems of today and tomorrow together with other super inspiring people. Are you 18+ years old and ready to follow that spark in your heart? We are looking forward to meeting you soon!

  • What we offer



    Enkel U is a democratic learning environment and work space in which you will be able to connect to like-minded people and learn skills you need to create positive change in the world. We are here for the newbie changemakers who want to figure out their purpose and mission in life and for the ones who have found it and want to keep developing their skills. We love this mix as the people who are starting their journey can look up to and learn from the people who have gone through some of the challenges they're facing. And in return, their enthusiasm and closeness to the dream-stage will be infectious and inspiring. No matter where you are in your journey, we can all learn from each other. We want enkel U to belong to anyone who is involved with it. That's why we hold weekly democratic meetings where all members can have a say. There will be weekly masterclasses and courses and we have crafted a specially designed Changemaking Intensive course for all our full members.



    Full Membership

    • part of a community of changemakers
    • co-create enkel U
    • access to the online platforms
    • free tickets to all masterclasses, events and courses
    • exclusive access to the enkel U Changemaking Intensive course
    • weekly personal coach meetings
    • peer-to-peer coaching activities
    • 24/7 access to the space (you get a key!)
    • co-working at any time
    • free use of meeting rooms and workshop space
    • portfolio to showcase your skills, talents and accomplishments as a changemaker
    • an enkel U certificate


    Part-time membership

    • part of a community of changemakers
    • co-create enkel U
    • access to the online platforms
    • tickets to 2 masterclasses per month, 50 % discount for other courses & events
    • free tickets to members events
    • 6 hrs of meeting room use per month
    • discount on additional space hire for meetings and workshops
    • unlimited co-working during business hours


    Events & Courses

    • Theory U
    • Design thinking
    • Dragon Dreaming
    • Spiral Dynamics
    • Futures thinking
    • Positive psychology
    • Personal development
    • much more......
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  • Our students 

    What do former enkel U participants think?

    An awesome and supportive group of people

    Tenille, participant Changemaking 101

    It was so nice to be part of such an awesome and supportive group of people, where we got to learn and discover some really deep stuff about ourselves and each other. I really enjoyed the balance of the classes (theory/participatory/collaboration/etc.). I cant wait to put everything I've learnt into action.

    My desire to create beneficial change is stronger then ever

    Fiona, Concious Capitalism AU & NZ, WA community leader,

    participant Changemaking 101

    I feel privileged to have taken part in this program. The warmth, creativity and community were nurturing. My desire to create beneficial change is stronger than ever, and now I have better tools to do it. Thank you enkel!

  • Our Team

    Manna Stone


    Educational explorer

    Improvisation theater and


    From the moment I became a teacher in 2004, I have been studying renewing forms of education and dreaming up my ideal learning environ-ment. In my workplace I was called an idealist and never really felt like I fitted in. When the school system and my personal believes about education grew further and further apart, I decided to quite. I believe that it is sometimes necessary to create the future in order to show others that we can do things differently. When Adam started talking about setting up a 'school for changemakers', I immediately told him I wanted to be a part of that. It has always been my goal to help others succeed. This journey is going to be all about you and what you've got to offer to the world. And trust me, it is more then you think.

    Adam Jorlen



    Spiral dynamics, personality discoveries and creativity

    I've worked as an entrepreneur in the education and learning space for the last 20 years, among other things I co-founded and later sold a language school in France. I've also helped many social entrepreneurs and ventures at early stages. I've always been interested in pathways that go elsewhere than the known and "normal", especially those that might lead to better futures. This curiosity has taken me to live, study and work in seven countries across the world. I'm very excited about enkel U and how we together with our students can develop a school to tackle the challenges ahead with entrepreneurship and creativity.

    Zarina Paurobally


    Onboarding process

    project management



    As an alumni of the first batch of the Changemaking101 course from enkel U, I am absolutely thrilled of the opportunities that a Changemaking school like enkel U is making available to Western Australia and to the world. Throughout my journey in university studying Civil engineering and Finance and in my day job as a project manager, I come across hundreds of people who are questioning their purpose and who are yearning to have an impact on the world around them.

    The desire is there, and now enkel U will allow budding changemakers to make their own mark on the world. It’s the beginning of an exciting journey that I am looking forward to sharing with you.

  • Partners


    enkel collective

    enkel U is part of Perth's enkel collective - a network of organisations and people from various sectors and backgrounds, who share the belief that we need new approaches and more people to address the problems of today and tomorrow.


    The enkel collective mission is to create a new generation of changemakers in WA.

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