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    Boosting your Courage

    16 May 2018, 6.00 - 9.00 pm

    In this masterclass we'll spend time practicing one of the four values of enkel U.....Courage. We all know courage is a muscle. The more courageous we are, the less we are being held back by our own limitations, which are the thoughts that are standing in the way of showing our true selves to the world and doing what we really want to do.


    For this masterclass we will create a super safe and playful environment in which we will build up our courage-muscles. We are going to be silly, cheeky, funny, wonderfully ridiculous, honest, authentic and vulnerable. Everything we do will be an invitation to explore the world outside of our comfort zone, but there will be no judgement if you want to stay where you are and observe. You decide. The most heard comment after these workshops is: I haven't had this much fun in a loooong time!


    So if you are holding yourself back in any way to do the things you really want to do, come and surprise yourself!


    When: 16 May 2018
    Time: 6.00 - 9.00 pm

    Where: TBC

    Tickets: $15 (Max. 30 spots)


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    About Manna:

    Manna is one of the Co-founders of enkel U. She did her first on stage performance when she was 8 years old. She absolutely loved it. Her parents however thought she needed to get a 'real' job, so she became a teacher and her class was her audience for ten years. During uni she joined an improvisation theater group and was a very involved member for 7 years, practicing every week and traveling the Netherlands for shows and festivals. She also taught musical and theater basics to children. After becoming a mindfulness trainer she saw that letting your thoughts go was doable when meditating, but letting them not control your real life was not as easy. And that's where improv started to play a role again. She sees it as the perfect practice to really break through our limiting thoughts and have fun at the same time.


    Intro to Spiral Dynamics - A Theory of Human Development

    25 June 2018, 6.00 - 9.00 pm


    Creating lasting and effective cultural and behavioural change means recognising and working with values.

    But where do values come from?
    Values spring from worldviews.

    To effectively work with values means understanding worldviews
    – how people think, and why people adopt the values they do.

    Insight into worldviews and ways of thinking is profoundly relevant to a range of areas including:
    - leadership
    - conflict management
    - organisational change
    - communication & marketing
    - working with diverse communities
    - cultural transformation

    What is Spiral Dynamics?
    Spiral Dynamics is a data-based, psychological approach to understanding worldviews or systems of thinking held by individuals, organisations and societies. It is concerned with:

    • how people to respond to the world around them in given circumstances and with their particular coping abilities (rather than categorising people as ‘types’)
    • how people think about things (conceptualisation), rather than what they think about (concepts) – for example, is their thinking binary and absolutist (‘if it’s not black, then it must be white’), or do they acknowledge and seem comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty?
    • questions like:
      - why are people different
      - why do some people change but others do not?
      - how does the mind respond to a world that becomes increasingly complex?

    When: 25 June 2018
    Time: 6.00 - 9.00 pm

    Where: Meeting Place, South Fremantle

    Tickets: $15 (Max. 25 spots)


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