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      The world needs more people who aren't afraid to care and believe that together we can make a positive difference in the world. That is why we started enkel U. We've created a space in which you can learn to tackle the problems of today and tomorrow. Are you 18+ years old and ready to follow that spark in your heart? We are looking forward to meeting you soon!


      Together with other amazing people, you'll go through a life-changing experience.

      How enkel U works


      Enkel U is a democratic learning environment and work space in which you will be able to connect to like-minded people and learn skills you need to create positive change in the world. We are here for the newbie changemakers who want to figure out their purpose and mission in life and for the ones who have found it and want to keep developing their skills. We love this mix as the people who are starting their journey can look up to and learn from the people who have gone through some of the challenges they're facing. And in return, their enthusiasm and closeness to the dream-stage will be infectious and inspiring. No matter where you are in your journey, we can all learn from each other. We want enkel U to belong to anyone who is involved with it. That's why we hold weekly democratic meetings where all members can have a say. There will be weekly masterclasses and courses and we have crafted a specially designed Changemaking Intensive course for all our full members.


      If you're a newbie changemaker, we will advise you to become a full member and immerse yourself into the process of figuring out who you are, what change you want to bring to the world and how you can get this going.

      If you're further in your process already, the full membership can still be an eye-opener, as we will work closely with you which will give you clarity and increases accountability and productivity. But we understand this is not an option for everyone, so we've also created a part-time membership for whoever just wants to bath/work in this space of awesomeness and come to the odd masterclass.



      For who is enkel U?



      We are looking for the dreamers, the peacemakers, the ones who aren't sure about what direction to take, or feel within themselves that something has got to change. And that change comes from doing things differently, with compassion and for the benefit of all. This is how we've built enkel U; on the dream that education can be different and we will continue to keep reinventing it with your help.


      Enkel U is designed for anyone 18+ years who feels the urge inside to be a part of the change. You don't have to know what you want to do, what topic speaks most to you or how you're going to go about it. All these things will become clear during your time at enkel U.


      You will be a great fit for enkel U if you are a self starter, very independent, but able to work together with others. If you've got a heart for finding the win-win and are able to think outside or even without a box.


      "It was so nice to be part of such an awesome and supportive group of people, where we got to learn and discover some really deep stuff about ourselves and each other. I really enjoyed the balance of the classes (theory/participatory/collaboration/etc.). I cant wait to put everything I've learnt into action." Tenille

      The two types of membership:

      Full membership:


      • part of a community of changemakers
      • co-create enkel U
      • access to the online platforms
      • free tickets to all masterclasses, events and courses
      • exclusive access to the enkel U Changemaking Intensive course
      • weekly personal coach meetings
      • peer-to-peer coaching activities
      • 24/7 access to the space (you get a key!)
      • co-working at any time
      • free use of meeting rooms and workshop space
      • portfolio to showcase your skills, talents and accomplishments as a changemaker
      • an enkel U certificate

      The full membership is our pressure cooker for upcoming changemakers. It's all about learning and developing yourself as a changemaker. That's why you can only join this program for a maximum of 12 months.


      As a full member we expect you to be highly intrinsically motivated. We want you to be involved in developing enkel U during our weekly democratic meetings on Monday. These moments are very important, because that's where we discuss everything that affects the members and you have an equal say in the decisions that are being made. Examples can be which experts we want for our masterclasses next term, changes to the space, the upcoming retreat or whatever you want to bring to the group.


      We expect you to be at the Hub on days that we have our masterclasses and meetings, which is Monday and Wednesday, but you are welcome to come as much as you want. The space will be available to you 24/7.


      The Monday masterclasses are especially designed for our full members. This is our enkel U Changemaking Intensive course. These masterclasses rotate every three months, but we advice you to go to all of them in your first three months. They will give you a solid and diverse foundation for you further development.


      On Wednesday we will have our portfolio meetings. In these we share our progress, challenges and help each other out. These will be a very valuable for you. Together we know so much more and we inspire each other with ideas and opportunities.


      One of us will become your personal coach. This person will spend 30 min. per week with you. Just like your learning process, this too will be guided by you and the questions that you have.


      And we will team you up with a buddy in the group for peer-to-peer coaching. It is good to have someone in the group who has your back and is there for you. Sometimes you just need to blow off some steam or you're stuck and need a different perspective. That's what your buddy is for.


      You can only be a full member for a maximum of 12 months and we accept no more then 20 full members at a time. We want this to be an experience that you take advantage off in the time that you're there. And we like to get to know each and everyone of you personally. That's why we're keeping this group small.


      We only take 20 full members at a time. If your application is successful, we will advice you on the date that you can start. A full membership is for a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 months.


      Part-time membership:

      • part of a community of changemakers
      • co-create enkel U
      • access to the online platforms
      • tickets to 2 masterclasses per month, 50 % discount for other courses & events
      • free tickets to members events
      • 6 hrs of meeting room use per month
      • discount on additional space hire for meetings and workshops
      • unlimited co-working during business hours

      You will be encouraged to be an active member of enkel U. You're very welcome to join us at the weekly democratic meetings. You have an equal vote on matters that would impact you. Examples can be which experts we want for our masterclasses next term, changes to the space, the upcoming retreat or whatever you would like to bring to the group.


      We expect you to be someone who is further in their changemaking journey, maybe running your own business or working for a cause. But you do want to continue to develop yourself by following masterclasses and courses which are relevant to you. (The Monday masterclasses, which are part of our enkel U Changemaking Intensive course, are only available for full members.)


      You also see the value in working in a space that is full of other people who care and truly want to do something good for the world. You will find like-minded people who might have had the same issues as you're having and by helping each other out, everybody wins. That is the power of community.



    • The application process


      Send in your application form

      Respond to our questions and do the online test. Send all the information to us.


      We contact you for a (video) meeting

      If your application was successful, we will make an appointment with you for a (video) meeting.


      You'll get the news

      The person who spoke with you will give you a call to let you know if you are now an enkel U member.



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